"Thank you Mary!  You have opened up a whole new world for me!"  AMY


"These past 5 months have been intense.  Thank you so much for sharing your life's wisdom. Words cannot express how much I appreciate your generosity of spirit.  I hope to keep in touch.  My journey has been transformative, and I hope it continues"   FATEN


" This program has completely satisfied what I have desired to learn for the past few years.  I'm so thankful and blessed to be around amazing and kind hearted people, learning about the beauty in this amazing peaceful world we life in and that lives within ourselves.  I am excited to become a traditional naturopath and herbalist - truly this is a gift and a special journey" TALINE

"  The herbalist certification program was a wonderful experience and chance to reconnect with nature in its finest in Michigan.  I very much enjoyed the connection I made with other students.  I felt the class and curriculum were very interesting .  Looking forward to continuing to use my knowledge in the herb world"  RITA

"  I appreciate that you have shared your knowledge, home and heart with us  - what I have learned will last forever and will continue on.  You have taught me how to connect with plants and energy in a way Ihave never experienced.  thank you from the bottom of my heart"   DAWN

"  Thank you for the opportunity to learn from such a knowledgeable herbalist.  Tha hands-on learning was wonderful.  Thank you again, God Bless, " FELICIA

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