Energy Medicine - the 8 PILLARS

We are in the process of sharing an introduction to a holistic model of herbal practice, helpful in connecting with plants themselves, helpful in assessing clients, helpful in moving through the process of evaluation and treatment of health goals small and larger. This model helps us understand plants as well as how to select different herbs and even combine them with treatments to make the best of the protocol.

The EIGHT PILLARS interface with another mode of insight called PEMS- anb acronym for Physical, Emotional , Mental, and the S is for "spiritual , or subtle energy". How life influences these 4 aspects and how these 4 aspects influence our lives, is important to factor in raising awareness during any evaluation. If there is one weak link, we'd want to know about it and support the strenthening of it. So think of a Circle with the 8 Pillars and a Circle with PEMS, overlapping to form a vesica pisces , the overlap from which we begin to work.

We can make this as simple or as gradually more complex as we want it, but for now, awareness is an important first step- as a Guide to understanding this holistic model and it's workings.

ENERGY MEDICINE is the next pillar we wish to focus on. To me, these are processes, procedures, types of natural therapeutics- AND ADJUNCT SUPPORTS , which will strengthen balance and flow within the various energy systems of which we are made.

I draw a major part of my understanding of this Pillar from 20 + years of direct clinical practice doing energy medicine sessions with clients, and from thousands of hours of energy medicine training at Kripalu, in yoga centers, at bodywork schools with teachers- deriving in turn their approaches from Polarity, Therapeutic Touch and other forms of energy balancing. And in designing and teaching continuing education workshops around the country. And I draw my understanding from RECEIVING , MYSELF, energy medicine over the past 20 years to heal and tune up, in for form of bodywork sessions, reiki, energy balancing forms, acupuncture, meditation, flower essences, affirmations, working with vibrational processes. Various types of herbs, as well as diet changes, movement, hydrotherapy....can and do support the effectiveness of these healing processes. If this isn't your thing, but this information sounds potentially helpful, find someone who you feel has a background to facilitate healng and advisory for you in this regard.

See how these 8 pillars interweave together? The 8 Pillars are a representation of holism, and like alphabet letters, they can stand alone, but acquire meaning (words) when they are combined to form a larger picture .

Botanicals which support energy medicine healing, as may be missing for self or for a particular client, include herbs, essential oils, and flower essences. Certainly just being in nature- a garden, a park, woods, a nice natural setting- imbues us with energy medicine for the absorption. Taking the thought of "being in nature" a bit further, we may also find we are putting into play the pillars of MOVEMENT, possibly "sleep & rest dynamic", and even Hydrotherapy/Thermotherapy.

I use common herbs extensively for their energy medicine properties, along with other properties they may offer. Here is an example- Lemon Balm offers some nice actions- antiviral, digestive aid, ally for cold/flu care - yet it also strongly smooths out anxiety for many people, and if that is not a goal of Energy Medicine, and consequently of healing in general, I don't know what is. And just use your imagination as to how this relates to the PEMS model . (yes, I am calling for some critical thinking here).

Herbs , selected and used with consciousness, can enhance other energy medicine applications, and they can be an agent of actual energy medicine, itself. I know that when an acupuncturist (acupuncture is energy medicine) uses aromatics in the session, my experience of receiving balance is enhanced. I know when I work with people who are struggling with issues with a spiritual or subtle energy root or need- such as recovery from addiction, or stress during life changes- I choose herbs and recommend them , for ingestion or topical use- to nourish their energy flows , among other goals.

As we move along in these teachings, I hope readers, particularly herbal medicine study enthusiasts, can see what an interconnected, yet very natural, holistic approach it is to incorporate the 8 pillars of natural medicine into herbal practice- an approach that is not cryptic and with nothing to hide, and everything to give.


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