Bursitis and Botanical Therapeutics

Recently I developed bursitis in my r. hip. I felt the pain for about a week mostly during sleep, not really even noticable during waking and moving around hours. The sensation was deeper within the joint, and joint being the articulation between the femoral head ( and affected by any muscle attachments at the greater trochanter- a bony landmark on the lateral femur) and the pelvis; acetabulum if you want to be more defined. ) . Bursitis - inflammation of the bursae within the joint- can result in what bodyworkers learn in their training is called "referred pain", and that was happening, too, in my lateral thigh and glute. I had not injured anything as of late, to factor in.

And I went right to work on a protocol. Which I applied in bed at 6 am, right on the hip.

I believe Anatomy and physiology should be taught to everyone from 2nd grade on up. I used my knowledge of it plus a little of Dr. Google to figure it out. It was just as Dr. Google described it. (and believe me, allopaths cross reference their diagnoses, or should, with media references....maybe if more did, they would not be so clueless as to order up MRI tests for something as anatomically basic as this). But here is what the internet says on how allopathic medical doctors tell if something is bursisitis: "..... How do doctors test for bursitis? Ultrasound or MRI might be used if your bursitis can't easily be diagnosed by a physical exam alone. Lab tests. Your doctor might order blood tests or an analysis of fluid from the inflamed bursa to pinpoint the cause of your joint inflammation and pain.Aug 12, 2017..." Glad to save $400-$3,000.00 . My protocol brought relief, but I will be repeating it and adding some movement. I realize this will take time to heal, possibly several weeks of this protocol. It is a botanical and hydrotherapy /thermotherapy protocol. It is based on relieving congestion to the area, bringing anti- inflammatory substances to the tissues, increasing flow of lymph and new blood, based on the natural sciences , primarily the Laws of Physics. And the knowledge of the Actions of Herbs - which is what our class will be beginning to immerse in , interactively, on June 8. This is what more advanced levels of my programs and teachings take people- into critical thinking and holistic applications.

It's so good to feel empowered , instead of worried and freaked out. My hope is in the years to come more people will embrace and internalize this and free their lives of suffering. They may not take the step of self care, but they could feel confident seeing a holistic practitioner for help instead of going into the allopathic hazy maze.


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