Updated: Mar 20, 2019

A growing number of people come into herb use through teas and tinctures , often "singles" which is just fine! We should continue using those.

Working our way into using "body systems" formulas, as we teach, I am going to discuss here how one of our dozens of formulas works, as to individual components. This one is called Abdominal Soother, as it can be used for different areas of the abdomen (stomach, intestines) and for different reasons and needs.

It is made with powdered activated charcoal, fine sifted bentonite clay, whole flax seed, cayenne, peppermint, powdered psyllium seed husk, and slippery elm. If you do not have slippery elm you can use marsh

mallow root.

So what does it all do? First of all, it is ESSENTIAL , to me anyway, to have on hand at home and to travel with, for several applications-

1.- FOOD POISONING. The nausea and discomfort from this condition can be quickly and strongly helped by mixing a tablespoon of this formula with water and drinking it down quickly. If you let it sit around it will turn into a gel, so drink up! It is fine to mix it with juice. Even during the flu, when we tend to think gastrointestinal distress goes with the program- use this for relief!

2. Intestinal Infection. In some ways these overlap, (food poisoning and intestinal infection), but in some they don't really. A particular food combination and lead to a proliferation of some kind of temporary (or even long term! as in the case of SIBO), imbalance in microflora. This formula, combined with a good probiotic, and in some cases with a biofilm dissolver (I stock Klaire Labs Interfase Plus) . This can present as a "tummy ache", hours or days of loose stools, rumbling, cramping. I like to nip this in the bud asap when it happens to me. Due to certain strains of bacteria in some sausages ( Italian food!), I once found after a trip to Tuscany that I was susceptible. With this formula and some Oregon Grape root and probiotics , I was able to get better within a few days , whereas I know of many people who went on to develop IBS, colitis, SIBO and other maladies.

3. The third major use is to prepare a fragile intestinal system for deeper toning. It is a soothing and detoxifying formula, which strengthens local vascular tissue while encouraging gentle release of both tension and waste. Most people really need to and benefit from proper bowel function, and even though some herbalists maintain the body does all this on it's own, that is just not true. Our bodies benefit from all kinds of support - our intelligence working to support, tone and nourish compromised systems. There are times when I add COMFREY to this formula, or to other types of intestinal formulas.

So lets break it down- after all the title is "anatomy" of a formula. AND LET ME BE CLEAR- our formulas are used under our trained and experienced guidance, and not meant to be taken willy nilly in a "whatever" fashion. A few nutritive infusions and items such as Fire cider can be taken on a more daily or frequent basis, but this one, like others, is taken with a purpose.

The activated charcoal (powdered) is there to connect with toxins and efficiently bring them OUT of your system, through another level of our anatomy- our eliminative channels. This ingredient can be used in other ways and is essential to have in an apothecary.

Bentonite clay is present to assist with elimination and detoxification as well

Psyillium husk is present to aid elimination, as is the WHOLE flax, which, when it becomes wet with the water or juice you mix this formula with, will offer lubrication in the form of mucilage which , again, assists elimination. Slippery elm does this as well, while offering soothing to tissues.

Cayenne brings any formula deeper into the tissues , opening blood pathways . Peppermint powder reduces gassiness (as does activated charcoal to an extent) . There is a well considered reason for each and every ingredient in our formulas- and at just the right proportions to work effectively. There is really no need to add anything else to this formula regarding it's intended use.

We offer this packaged in our herbal medicine studio /apothecary during Herb Medic open days, Monday (4-630) through Wednesday (T- Wed, 10-2 and 4-630, hours for both days, closed 2-4) and will fill mail orders.


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