ABLUTIONS- Water Element healing

One of the most exhilarating methods of rejuvenation and healing is Hydrotherapy. The one I am going to talk about here is not necessarily "exhilarating", but it can sure bring you into a refreshing level and out of the dumps. I find it indispensible. We LOVE the pillar of hydrotherapy, so useful for herbalists, massage therapists, and naturopaths alike. It raises your energy like nothing else.

Most of us have taken a cloth, wrung it out with cold water, and wiped down our face and other areas- you were engaging in an Ablution. And ther are other ways to design ablutions.

Hydrotherapy/Thermotherapy affect our nervous system directly, putting into practice the scientific laws of physics and thermodynamics. ....and through that, all other body systems. They open up physical and energy channels . Removing stagnation and blockages is central to all natural medicine, be it "north American", Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese...... Hydrotherapy is an ancient and enduring form of self care. You don't need a PhD to do it- in fact , you have been affecting your nervous system in rejuvenating ways all your life, by taking showers and baths. Further study, such as that we engage in in our School, deepens the practices.

Some hydrotherapy treatments you may be familiar with are showers, saunas, foot soaks. There are many others. Many can be easily done at home. An Ablution is one of them!

In short, an ablution is a form of "bath". This is one that grandma may have called a "sponge bath". It is cleansing, refreshing, and rejuvenating to the nervous system and the senses. Ablution is hydrotherapy term; that said one may see it in connection with cultural practices, but it is not at all limited to cultures. IT IS A HEALTH CARE PRACTICE.

My favorite ablutions are MOBILE ABLUTIONS- bottles of purified water to which I would add a few drops of some essential oil, such as lavender, or rosemary, or even refreshing marjoram. These can be prepared for biking, hiking, travel, office.... Just pour a little on a cloth and massage the wet cloth over your neck, shoulders, face- where-ever. It's awesome and fun to do the feet!

At home, you can merely take a cloth, fill a bowl or basin with either plain water or water with a drop or two of essential oil. If you work with herbal infusions, you can certainly make up one with lemon balm, calendula, chamomile, lavendar, and other mild uplifting herbs. (do stay away from caustic or photosensitive essential oils and herbs when using this practice).

Any time you cannot bathe but want to feel refreshed- maybe after a recreational event, or on a hot day, or during illness- an Ablution is what to turn to. The healing energy of an ablution is real. Hot water, cold water, or tepid water- each temperature has it's place , and that is your choice to experiment with.


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