HERBAL MEDICINE STUDY SERIES of continuing education

with Consultant Herbalist, Traditional Naturopath
Private Teachings of Mary Light, MH, ND, LMT, and our Staff Herbalists and Interns
Gaia Center for Herbal Studies, est. 1998; this Learning Community  since 2005



             As we enter more deeply into Fall of 2020, changes abound.  In the months ahead, and into 2021, our Herbal Medicine education is taking a new turn, away from a well trodden path of the foundational herbal medicine series, and on to presenting a series of focused topics of herbal continuing education - PRACTICAL HERBALISM -  to support the needs of our world today, and based on the requests and interests over the years of our many students.   


All Classes convey a certificate of participation for students putting together a personal resume or AHG portfolio.

Each Class is $50.00 per person, prepaid in advance 

The entire Series is  $1,200.00, prepaid.

Advance Registration is necessary

Weekday CLINICS  -  Free Advisory.  Herbs Available for Purchase


        Here is a brief outline of what is to come, with specific dates  and times to be added:

        March-  Spring Tonics and Nutritives for Home and Family Use

                       Basic Medicine Making Techniques with herbalist intern Courtney Pearce

        April  -   How, Specifically, to Strengthen and Support Your Immune System and Become 

                       More Empowered - direct experiential use of herbs and home natural medicines.

                       Late April field Walk  & Identifying Herbs with A Field Guide - with Courtney

        May   -   Designing a Medicine Garden - Large or Small, with herbs for 6 or more Body Systems

                       Assessment of Each Student Using Faridean Irodology.  Teachings On Formulas

    More dates and topics to be announced.




"...... I took the spring/summer herbology class from Mary Light and found it to be an excellent experience I loved it, everything about it and Mary's knowledge; so impressive! Appreciated teacher Mary and the class so much...as she conducted the class with much intelligence and intuition, offering hands on experience and assignments that were life changing as I adopted many of these natural care techniques (using herbs) into my everyday life. Forever grateful for this powerful class. Undoubtedly a five star rating! "     Jules, RN, Herbal Medicine Student

     Call 734-769-7794  Our studio is at 3684 W. Liberty, just west of Wagner Road, Ann Arbor 48103.  At the Liberty Office Center.  All visits by Appointment or enrollment.