HERBAL MEDICINE STUDY SERIES of continuing education

with Consultant Herbalist, Traditional Naturopath
Private Teachings of Mary Light, MH, ND, LMT, and our Staff Herbalists and Interns
Gaia Center for Herbal Studies, est. 1998; this Learning Community  since 2005

2021 Dates will be posted later this fall.  We will have a SPRING SERIES  (Mardch  through May)  , AND A FALL SERIES  ( September - November ) .  Summer is up in the air at this point!  Working on it.   I will post the dates soon.

 We require full payment prior to the first day of the series, so if one needs to do payments, start early- registration is open January 2021.  We do not extend payment arrangements past the March  first day of class.    Note that there are two, limited work exchange opportunities for local students, beginning in January , which require a 50% deposit for the program, and convey 50% exchange. This requires keeping a specific schedule for herbal apothecary related duties weekly.


Hands on Experiential teachings , exercises, demonstrations, in-class methods for a seasonal  immersion into classical foundations

of current western herbal medicine practices., based on a natural medicine model

"...... I took the spring/summer herbology class from Mary Light and found it to be an excellent experience I loved it, everything about it and Mary's knowledge; so impressive! Appreciated teacher Mary and the class so much...as she conducted the class with much intelligence and intuition, offering hands on experience and assignments that were life changing as I adopted many of these natural care techniques (using herbs) into my everyday life. Forever grateful for this powerful class. Undoubtedly a five star rating! "     Jules, RN, Herbal Medicine Student


  Advanced registration is necessary.    See pdf for Fall  2019 series. The Fall Series is enrollment driven and will be held with 6 minimum. 

 2021       Season of Herbal Study


  The tuition /fees total for this Educational Series is $1,150.00.  An advanced Deposit ($500)  is necessary to claim a space in the series.    The deposit and advance registration is due by March 1.  All payments are cash or check.  There are no payment plans or payment arrangements past this date. 

Tuition fees  Include all herbs given to students, herb samples, Student Discount of 25% for products, fresh harvested herbs given to students, some plants  given to students for their gardens, hand  outs , and more.   


Admissions  deposits are not refundable, unless in the rare instance of the School cancelling a class or series., in which case deposits and payments are fully refundable.   Those with extenuating circumstances who cannot take the program as registered, may receive a credit for up to one year.   As ever, we encourage your questions, calls, and arranged visits to explore our studio and wellness center.  When an application is submitted, it is implicit that the student is fully ready to move forward .


The  FOUNDATIONAL HERBAL MEDICINE STUDIES series   consists of a series of richly scheduled days.  During these class days a mix of Lecture, Demonstration, Experiences, Learning Exercises, and Q & A  bring herbal medicine principles to life.  In between our class meetings participants work on assignments, projects, and engage in assigned reading to complement and deepen the experiential learning of our gatherings.  All are welcome to participate.  Students are given a Journal to complete to give assignment completion and guidance the best structure.   No previous experience or background is needed.  Participants who are working to amass credit for an overall resume may do so through our series and classes.  This series  conveys, upon successful completion of the assigned learning objectives by the participant,   a continuing education  certificate, of your achievement, disclosing hours and content, as recognized and   issued by Mary Light, ND MH LMT. 






~  Benefit from 20+ years of instructor experience as practitioner and clinical herbalist.

~   Making Plant Medicine- foundational level training to equip students with many hours of hands- on, guided medicine making techniques, so that students may begin or enlarge their apothecaries at home with water based, tincture, oil based, powdered, poultice, electuary, elixirs and other formulations  (March/ April) 

~  Training  available as Working Assistants in professional Herbal Apothecary & Dispensary orientation and tasks.  (Early program apothecary overview)


~  Learn Harvest and Storage of pure wild and cultivated herbs  (June / July)

~ Guidance to begin a personal apothecary.


 Introductory Discussion of Case Histories, Question/Answer Periods  (Mid program) 

~ Opportunity to develop your own creative products with guidance, and present them to the class for sampling , as a final project.   Basic introductory discussion of marketing and business.  

This series of classes is for continuing education and general and professional enrichment.  It is our community and peers that will recognize a true and dedicated herbalist.  The public seeks out those who have successfully and carefully  studied, to have confidence in any advisory.  As an international teacher, the Certificate given by Mary Light, for successful achievement is Mary Light's personal and professional recognition of achievement in classes, as a skilled and experienced long term teacher of note, and is not connected with federal or state agencies of any kind.




The following  3    books are resources which will help participants best engage in the program and assist as references in several assignments.  THESE BOOKS CAN BE USED BOOKS , or new as the student wishes.  Books are purchased by students and not included in fees.  The 2 books indicated by highlighting below are required.   Participants should acquire all required books well prior to the first day of the series, as we will begin the series with reference to these books. 

Students are also given a list of select "recommended books" to consider as references, if they wish.

(1)  REQUIRED BOOK    "The New Holistic Herbal" (David Hoffman) 

(2)  REQUIRED, AND BRING TO EACH CLASS:  "Field Guide to North Eastern/North Central Wildflowers  " (any edition) by Peterson. Please order the EXACT TITLE OF THIS BOOK, ANY EDITION

(3) – Rosemary Gladstar- https://www.amazon.com/Rosemary
                                                            RECOMMENDED COMPANION BOOK , not "required". 

Please use these EXACT TITLES when doing any searches for books.  Please order a field guide for wildflowers, vs "medicinal plants".  Thank you.  We ask that participants have these books by or before the first day of the series. 


MARY LIGHT   will issue an additional list of recommended books for foundational reference, which are not required for the program, and are given to the students as guidance for book selection.  

The series  includes a few scheduled outdoor field hikes,  (when weather permitting)  Ethnobotany experiences, and hands-on harvesting and cultivation experiences, balanced with a variety of direct teachings, hands - on medicine making, apothecary and other indoor herb-lab work as well as group mentoring, discussion of case histories, quality time for individual questions, and a truly awesome experience, guided by our herbalist staff, to produce and present product creations at the end of the program time.  Students will be given herbal samples to experience and take home throughout the entire series. 

No previous experience is needed- and those who have some experience have always learnt more!  Participants should be aware that there are very short drives to  medicine gardens, along with slightly longer drives to local parks.  Many students car share for this.  


Participants will need to purchase and bring each time:    The most important thing to have/bring is your Field Guide.  Here is a link and any edition, even an old / used book, is fine. Although this is not a botany course, we reference this field guide during early classes, and it is important to have your own copy..



STUDENTS ARE ASKED TO OBTAIN AND BRING Sturdy garden gloves with vinyl or rubber PALMS,  Sturdy scissors or snips for harvesting, and outfitting preparation for some outdoor exposure in varied weather and climate.  Students will purchase their own notebook- a 3 ring binder with pockets works well , for the purpose of adding notes and hand-outs.

Participants must obtain and wear closed -toe shoes to our outdoor  activities, and be handy with layered clothing for any rambles over wild lands.  Please be aware the weather can still be quite cold into March and April.  

Participants will wish to be prepared with a small insulated bag for foods/beverages they will want to sustain them- the School does not provide refrigeration, eating utensils, or food service, and there is no provision to be near restaurants or food service establishments during class meetings.  BRING A BAG LUNCH - THAT'S BEST!

Our Herbal Pharmacy & Dispensary is open weekdays 10-3 or  by appointment. We welcome your calls ! 

     Call 734-769-7794  Our studio is at 3684 W. Liberty, just west of Wagner Road, Ann Arbor 48103.  At the Liberty Office Center.  All visits by Appointment or enrollment.