herbs and food

herbs and food







Gaia Center existed as an independent  learning community established in 1998,  which began a series of in depth  classes  in 2005, when we relocated to Ann Arbor.   As a learning community for kindred spirits who seek out  quality instruction and experience in the growing herbal medicine field, we welcome your visits, questions, and comments.  ~  Mary Light, ND MH LMT


"...... I took the spring/summer herbology class from Mary Light and found it to be an excellent experience I loved it, everything about it and Mary's knowledge; so impressive! Appreciated teacher Mary and the class so much...as she conducted the class with much intelligence and intuition, offering hands on experience and assignments that were life changing as I adopted many of these natural care techniques (using herbs) into my everyday life. Forever grateful for this powerful class. Undoubtedly a five star rating! "

Jules, RN, Herbal Medicine Student



To define, discuss, and reproduce at your home or business, the making of effective herbal medicines:  water based, extracts, tinctures,  capsulated, oil infusions , balms, creams, ovules, fomentations, ablutions, powders, compound formulas and more. 



Case History Discussion

Experiential Guided Use


To list, define, understand and apply to therapeutic decisions, the various basic actions of herbs, based on a Materia Me

To Identify growing herbs using field guides.  To identify  and assess quality for processed herbs via the sensory cues of color, aroma, taste, signature effects, textures - in a number of forms of medicinal product. 

To create, design, and present, through your own guided research and development, two herbal products which are presented to the group in the final project, receiving the benefit of expert feedback

To discuss and inquire about the complexities of case histories or application needs through classroom mentored sharing and dialogue.

To participate in varieties of hands on herb craft projects in class, specifically those for therapeutic purposes

Homework and assignments are given to be completed as the series progresses. 


     Call 734-769-7794  Our studio is at 3684 W. Liberty, just west of Wagner Road, Ann Arbor 48103.  At the Liberty Office Center.  All visits by Appointment or enrollment.