Michigan Herbal Studies Center - Ann Arbor
Local herbs offer the highest quality and potency for all body systems
Local herbs offer the highest quality and potency for all body systems


NOTICE:   SCHOOL OFFICE LOCATION:  7920 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor MI  48103  just west of Baker Road.  We have grown into association with a state licensed Natural Medicine and Master Herbalist school which features this informative website, with additional information about our staff, new classes and more:  http://www.naturopathicschoolofannarbor.net/#!home/mainPage

Note:  Patience please as we transition to a merging of our Schools and new website- Thank you

Our Ann Arbor, Michigan based center for herbal studies offers options for various levels of continuing education and study - directly with living, practicing herbalists, naturopaths, and experienced teachers  with a clear background of experience and passion for  plants, herb craft, personal health, clinical work, client health care, medicine making, nature attunement, Apothecary creation, ethnobotany/field ID, harvesting and more. 

Mary Light, ND MH, LMT, American Herbalist Guild member and School Member,  has taught in the field of herbal studies for more than 18 years, in schools, government agencies, colleges, universities, and through her own healing clinics and now through Gaia Center since 2003. 

VISIT OUR FACEBOOK PAGE FOR UPDATES, PICTURES, AND NEWS: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gaia-Center-for-Herbal-Studies/123491931011310

And    -   www.naturopathicschoolofannarbor.net

 Note:  For those interested in an expanded program of herbal and natural medicine teachings, within a diploma format, visit



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